Exciting things about us

Pateso was founded by the Giple Family in 2017. Pateso has assembled an experienced management team led by Dr. Patrick Giple. Dr. Giple has over 20 years of business experience and is an expert in business operations. Dr. Giple will handle all financial aspects of the business and serve as Chief Executive Officer.

Managing the restaurant will be Esther Giple. Mrs. Giple has over 30 years of restaurant management experience and will serve as Chief Operating Officer of the company. She will be responsible for the daily operations of the business including menu items and customer service.

Assisting her will he Head Chef Clarence Giple. Mr. Giple has over 18 years of cooking experience and has served as chef at many places including Wegman’s. Mr. Giple will be the primary chef for the restaurant and will also train assistant chef’s and maintain quality control.